Where the he(ART) Is.

Sara’s shop is full of beautiful handmade jewelry, home decor, wall art, clothing and accessories. I am glad Sara opened Resi*he(ART) so that artists like me have a place to sell our work.


resiheart-storefront Resi*he(ART) Come in and make yourself at home

For many visual artists today, being “seen” can be a challenge.  While online sites like Etsy offer a limitless reach, it can be difficult to stand out in such a vast forest of artists. The nomadic path of craft shows can also be burdensome particularly if one has to pack an abundance of unsold wares for the drive home.

Sara Sifre understands the spirit and the challenges of the creative journey. During college, she took every art class TMCC offered. “I’ve done just about every kind of art, but I always go back to jewelry.”

Sara Sifre’s store, Resi*he(ART), is the culmination of a ten year dream.  She yearned to  build a community of artists and once considered a coffee house featuring local art, but felt that “it had been done”.

sara Sara Sifre-Yes those are chairs on the wall.

Sifre explained…

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