Battling the Reno Winds!

The spring and summer weather in Reno is generally pleasant, anyone who lives here knows that the winds often kick up in the afternoon.  The gusts can be quite impressive, so I decided to make some weights to keep my canopy earthbound at the shows I am scheduled for this year.

I found a good tutorial on how to make weights to secure a canopy, since some venues do not allow stakes and some shows are on concrete.  This is the link:

The instructions are clear and a web search indicated that many vendors find this style of weights to be satisfactory and reasonably easy to transport.  The problem I ran into is that I couldn’t find all the materials.  Lowe’s had some of the required materials, but they were not able to cut the 10’ pipe into the lengths I need.  Home Depot had only a couple of the items I need.  I was hoping to get everything at Lowe’s since I have a gift card with them.  Frustrating! 

I am not giving up!  Tomorrow I plan to call local plumbing suppliers and Ace Hardware.

I will be at the Reno Earth Day celebration on Sunday, April 21st, along with several other Indie Reno artisans.  For more information about the celebration, go to   I hope the weather this year is as nice as it was last year.